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I am Vaughn. I love cats, coffee ice cream, and laughing until I am in tears. I live in a small settlement called Deals on the beautiful island of Long Island in The Bahamas. Deals is most famous for its beach, also called Deals and I am fortunate to live across the street.

I am very laid back and can often be found lounging and talking to my pet cats. Do not worry I do not discriminate, and I will also talk to dogs. Maybe a career as a cat whisperer is in my future.

In my spare time, I play with my 2 cats, practice my Spanish, or binge on Netflix.

I have been shooting destination weddings and portraits for more than a decade. I prefer to shoot in a documentary style as I think photography is just another form of storytelling. So, if you see me disappear for a minute have no fear, I am still there just capturing your day from a different perspective.

I think that I am a romantic at heart and have shed a tear or two at my weddings. I can get caught up in the moment. So, for me, shooting weddings and engagements allows me to indulge in my love of romance and at the same time tell your love story.